Here comes the second post
(I absolutely have no idea what it’ll look like)
Been wondering since morning about what to write here. As I’m writing this post, my girlfriend is pretty pissed off because I lied that I’m not gonna post anymore (I lied).
This reminds me of our first fight. We were texting casually and she asked me:
“Why did you text me??”
I thought it’d sound cool and I told her,
“Since you were popular in our friends, I texted you but you ignored me. I didn’t give up but you didn’t notice. So I wanted to make friends with you at any cost and here I am!”

She was furious
“So I’m just another challenge to you, huh!”

It took me hours to get her back to normal.
Uh oh!
She’s angrier now
I gotta leave
Thank you!


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