Little Angel

Feb 10, 2016:

Message received:
“Happy birthday “

Hell yeah!!
The text woke me up to the new day.
The warmth of the sunlight could be felt all over my face.
It was almost time. There were hardly 20 minutes to get ready and since this was the first b’day with her, I couldn’t wait any longer.

10:00 am:
Waiting for her can be the most beautiful feeling and when you see her walking towards you..
(That sexy walk of hers)
You just want the time to stop right there
(Or at least slow down)

You need coolin’
Baby I’m not foolin’
I’m gonna send ya
Back to schoolin’

The song playing on my mind
(Led Zeppelin! Hell yeah!!)

We rushed to a multiplex nearby
The boy
Was the movie we wanted to see
Sold out!
(Oh God! Why??)

We managed to get to another place, booked tickets for the 2pm show and we had an hour more for the show to begin. It was a shopping mall, so we decided to do some window shopping. Then followed the best time ever.

She wanted to show me what kind of clothes suited me the best. She dragged me to wherever she found a T-shirt or a jeans that I’d look good in.
I could see her eyes glow when she put those on me to see how they fit me and the smile she had when I appreciated her for everything. It was worth everything.

Her priceless smile, endless care made her an angel to me. We watched the movie holding each other’s hand and with her head resting on my shoulder. I wanted nothing else but her beside me.


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