Jealous people? Yeah, they’re funny.

A month ago, a Friday,
The mobile phone was ringing like an ambulance siren.
Don’t wanna pick that up ( lazy as f)
But it has to be answered now or later.
This friend of mine rarely calls. So there must be something he wants to tell me.

The call is hesitantly answered.
Friend: Hi,bro! What’s going on?
Me: Nothing much bro. ‘Ssup with you? How’ve you been?
Friend: I’m not feeling good.
Me: what’s the matter? Anything wrong?
Friend: I’ve been seeing pictures of you with your girlfriend. Why can’t I get one?
Me: what?? Is that what’s been worrying you..??! Don’t be silly,bro.
Friend: Girls never notice me. Even you’ve got yourself a girlfriend now and look at me. I’m single.
Me: (wtf? Seriously???) Umm…what do you mean?
Friend: I feel lonely. I have nobody to share my feelings with.
Me: We’re brothers, we can share anything.
Friend: I want a girl.
Me: Huh?! Aren’t we good enough for you?
Friend: If it’s a girl, the feeling’s different. All of our friends got girlfriends. Even you got one. What’s wrong with me!? I mean, even a guy like you managed to bag a girlfriend.
Friend: (God!!!) It’s not like that. And getting a girlfriend isn’t a great thing to brag about and it’s even hard to manage. It’s more like a responsibility. Your time will come.
Friend: yeah,yeah. You got what you wanted and you’ll tell me all this bullshit because you’re showing it off.
Me: showing off?? what?
Friend: That you got a girlfriend. Even I wanna see how love feels like.
Me: uhh.. Mum’s calling me, I gotta go. I’ll get back to you later. Ciao.

Funny ain’t it? A guy like me? Seriously!?
I laughed for an hour after this phone call. He was so desperate! I tried to tell that guy but he wouldn’t listen.
(We call ourselves brothers)


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