Getting back to the comic books.


Suddenly this morning, I had this intense urge to start reading something. A book. (Comics!!!).

When I was young, I spent all my weekends and holidays reading comic books my mother bought me.
( I never read a series completely. I had different books with different storylines, so I don’t have a complete knowledge of how a storyline ended).

As I grew up, my love for comics grew (and it’s 18 years old now šŸ˜›). I bought more and more books and collected around 200 comics, both Marvel and DC. I love both Batman and Moon Knight, I adore Green Arrow and Hawkeye, I worship Avengers and The Justice League. Time went on, years passed by but my love for comics never grew short.

But here comes the sad part. People stopped reading comic books and the books were out of the stores eventually. Nobody sold comics anymore. People were too busy with their mobile phones and televisions and comics were short on supply. I wanted to order online but the comics were triple the price. The books became thinner and costlier. I read comics online now, but the paperbacks are what I love. These digital copies aren’t the same as paper and print. I just love the smell of the books and I miss them.

I took the box down from the attic, dusted off all my comics, and took out the 1985 Flash Gordon comic, in which Flash and his friends escape from another planet from the evil hands of Ming. (Omg! That was an epic!!)

The artwork was awesome ( better than present day works, I can say) . The plot was too good, Flash stealing a jet from Vultan was epic. Thun looked macho and the fight with Prince Barin was wonderfully illustrated.

I felt nostalgia when I turned those pages. I could see Flash Gordon move before me! ( thank you God, for the good old days.)
And hey!! The name of the comic was The scheming despot
What’s the favourite comic??


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