Yet another day of getting back to comics

Today’s pick:
Conan: The flame winds of lost khitai


This book is pure delight. Getting into the details:
It’s been published in Nov 1973

Cover art by: Gil Kane and Ernie Chua
Pencilled by: John Buscema
Inks by: Ernie Chua (whoa!man.)
Written and edited by: Roy Thomas

Coming to the story,

Conan meets Narim Bey for a mission.
This guy is Conan’s commanding officer in Aghrapur. ( he didn’t seem like one, because brash words are boldly spoken by Conan).
He’s smuggled into wan Tengri by Kassar, a shepherd in his cart carrying wool. While entering the city, a guard checks what’s inside the wool by piercing his spear in and striking hard more than once. Conan has a scratch here.
Upon entering the city, Conan steals money from a jeweller. But to his surprise, the jewels disappear from his hands and the flame winds above start yelling, “stop there,thief!” and guess what? The guards are after Conan (and it’s time to kick ass).
The fights are illustrated wonderfully. The pencil details are just jaw dropping.
Conan goes to Tsien Hui to sell the jewels he stole but those jewels turn into a viper (those jewels belonged to a wizard, fool.)
To talk about Wan Tengri, it is ruled by seven wizards and Conan is here to assess the city and tell Narim Bey whether the city is ripe for plunder.
Tsien Hui asks Conan to get some rest and flees. Conan engaged, searches the house and finds a blonde, who says Tsien Hui wanted her to accompanying Conan into the pool. Conan believes her and both of them start kissing passionately. Romantic? No. The girl now grows some tentacles out of her. (She’s an effing monster!!)
Conan kills her and swims ashore(yes, he swims through the pool and reaches somewhere else) and falls down unconscious, with spots all over.(polka dots!!)
This is it, the book has been completed.
Yeah, a short one, but finding a comic is a big deal these days.
Wonderful pencilling and an excellent storyline (and I got the continuation too!! But that’s for another day.)

I bought this book about 10 years ago and I must’ve read it more than a 100 times.(Numbers in a sentence? I’m lazy man!).

I couldn’t sleep all night (I don’t know why) and I opened this book at 3:00am.
And finally,

Know, O prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars.

Love the book!!
Love Conan!!
That’s all for today,
Thank you!


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