How to give a shit when it seems like nobody does: holding on to the blog and writing.

Hell yeah!!

I’ve reached my tenth post. It’s been eleven days since I’ve started posting (I’ve started this blog seven to eight months ago)

These eleven days have been kinda bitter sweet. I was here because I had multitudinous thoughts in my head and had no one to share with. (My girlfriend’s gonna kill me if she knows I said that). 

Many people asked me, “why did you start this blog when you can’t even form a proper sentence??”
I said there are people out there who care about feelings more than grammar. I wanna write. I love writing and it’s been a dream of mine to write something that reaches out to people.
And this suits my purpose perfectly. I was hesitant (and lazy) until my girlfriend pushed me to write. She was after me for days until I posted.

The first and second days were good. The same excitement and energy. On the third day, I followed some more blogs. Then came my fourth post. I wanted to see how many people I’m reaching out to and to my sheer disappointment, there were hardly one or two views per day and sometimes, not even one. I was feeling low. I felt that something was missing in my posts. I even argued with my girlfriend that I’d stop writing as nobody cared. I was looking for inspiration to write.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been around people who never encouraged me to do  anything. Instead, they laughed at me for not being good enough. My family never gave a crap. All they wanted was good grades and I never excelled at studies. I was sick of all those people and wanted to run away from everyone.
And my escape?? Comic books. I would read a comic for hours together. Sitting alone in a corner. After reading the book,  I’d sketch my favourite superheroes. As I grew up, I moved on to story books, novels and self help books. These books have a great impact on me:
1. For one more day by Mitch Albom
2. Chicken soup for the soul by Jack Canfield
3. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie
4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Everything I wrote here until now came straight from my heart and I know my writing needs improvement. When you know nobody looks at what you post and listen to what you say, you lose interest and you get to a point to where you neither have the want to write nor the interest to keep writing.

But here I am, back again I’ve risen from the ashes of depression and ready to write again.

Here’s how you can keep writing when you think “this is it! I can’t write anymore.”

Love what you write.
I know there are people out there, like me, who get disappointed when nobody views at their posts. These views are important as they give us some kinda energy to go on. But unless you love what you’re writing, nobody else will. Loving what you write gives you more ideas to improve your writing skills and you’ll be able to publish better post every time you post. Think of it like this. There are others out there like me, who need inspiration, who are in the verge of giving up and my post has to give them hope. I’ve come across many posts which were great in content but weren’t being noticed by my friends, who are bloggers themselves. But people keep writing because they love what they do.
Love your work and your work will love you back.

Write what you love.
I would’ve included this in the first point but this needs to be stressed on separately. Love for writing is one thing. But writing what you love is the key to be successful. You can’t do anything that you hate (unless you’re forced). There must be something that you love to share it to the people. Focus on that and keep writing. Because it’s something you like to share, you’d go deeper into the subject and even learn something you didn’t know before. You might even change your style of description based on what you’re trying to express.
Pour your heart out and drown everyone in it.

Find inspiration, read other blogs.
There are thousands of blogs out there with amazing content. Find those, follow them and keep reading. I bet every blog can inspire you in some way. Don’t go by likes or comments, go by content. Follow all kinds of blogs and topics. Interact with the people. These people are awesome. Reading keeps you pinned to the blogs and the content inspires you to write better.
Find what you love, find yourself.

Be in the company of those who encourage you, not put you down.
Now, there are different kinds of people. But here, we talk about people.
1. Who lift you up
2. Who drag you down
The second type of people are everywhere and always try to drag you down. I have some friends who laughed when I told them I started writing a blog and even advised me to stop as nobody would notice. But I have someone who’s with me no matter what and that keeps me writing. (Thank you geeko!)

The first type of people are a rare breed and you find them to be one in ten or twenty. Find them and be with them. Tell them what you’re doing and ask them to tell you how you can do better.

Nobody gives a crap? Do you?
I know it’s hard to get noticed. But without proper content, nobody’s gonna  notice. Proper content comes when we care about what we write. If we write just because we have a blog and we have to write something to keep it going, we’re heading nowhere. To get noticed, we have to start noticing out posts first and make sure not to commit the mistake we did in the previous post.
Start taking care about what you write and people start noticing you.

Well, these are a few things I’ve started doing to improve myself. Hope these help. I’m open to suggestions. Do you have anything to add??  Feel free to comment.
Thank you.


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  1. Having your girlfriend on your back could be a good thing or a bad thing (depends on the way you take it)


    1. Well, it’s mostly good.
      In my case, it has always been good and it will be.


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