So you’re 20 now? You better know these things.

They say life’s a b*tch because it hits you hard, knocks you down and gets you down on your knees.

How do we hit life back in it’s teeth?
By standing up, smiling (bring it on!) and facing our problems alone. It’s funny how alone we are when we really need someone and how surrounded we are when we don’t.

It’s a wonderful summer morning today and I’ve been thinking what I’ve learned in life so far. I’m glad I’m gonna share it with you. Please bear with me.(umm..I’m trying to get the hang of it, I mean, the writing and all)

These twenty five years have been harsh and a little blissful. I’ve enjoyed a little, cried a lot and lost a lot more. These are what I’ve observed so far:

You’re always alone when you need someone.
When I was in school, I was always punished for not paying my fee on time. It went on for years and this turned my friends into enemies. How? They laughed at me, they laughed at my attire, they laughed at my inability to pay. I found no one to talk to, not even family. In my early twenties, I found that people were not interested to listen to your worries as they had their own problems. Those who listened to me either laughed behind my back or were glad that I had them. Some problems regarding family can’t be shared with anyone, so I was all alone, all my life. (At least I felt like it)

Friends forever is a myth.
Friends are a major part of our lives for a major time of our life. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna stay that way. When friends have careers and families of their own, you rarely meet up.
The change is like:

Let’s meetup and plan where to go and what to do
Let’s plan and meetup someday

You’re gonna meet a lot of fake people.
I’ve got my share of fake people, people who I met at parties, public places, through friends and friends of friends.
Not to mention, even the closest of friends turned out to be fake. Some have taken advantage of me and some have made fun of me for their entertainment. (Glad I was of some use to you, huh!). You gotta filter people and distrust is what’s gonna get you through. Never trust anyone. (Sometimes,not even family)

Money is important. No,money decides everything.
This I learned the hard way. I was biased based on my financial status in school. It was when I was in my twelfth grade that I made a few friends who didn’t think about status. They were rich but they valued their friends. Then again, they had their own friends based on their financial status after we completed twelfth. We never had enough money when we needed the most. People don’t help you if they don’t think you can repay them one day. You want some, you have to give some.

People leave and you can’t do anything but move on.
I had a friend whom I called friends for life, bff and so on. I wonder where he is now. ( just kidding, he’s in Miami). I mean, we don’t talk anymore and we don’t even wish each other on birthdays. I see his posts on Facebook and his profile pictures on WhatsApp. That’s it.
There were times when I missed him badly. He never gave a crap. He moved on and so did I. (I had to.)

You’ll find love when you don’t look for it
I felt alone for most part of my life.
My friends came to me and boasted about their charm and the girls in their friend circle. One particular guy challenged me that I would never ever find a girl in my life. Whenever I saw them texting some girl, I would look away. When they were going out to meet a girl, a classmate, they would go without me. I felt left out, all alone.

I came to a conclusion that I looked like shit and girls would never give a crap about me. I started ignoring women. But there was this girl I always wanted. She texted me once in a while and I waited for her. And guess what?
I found love. She’s my girlfriend now and she came to me when I’m at my rock bottom. She knows what I am and she accepted me in spite of my flaws.

I think these are enough experiences for this morning. I’ll get back to you people with some more, some other time.

BTW, what is the happiest moment you ever had? Please let me know.
Signing off,


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