How not to text when you wanna text.

How many of you follow the SMS lingo?
The stupid, senseless short  spellings?
It irritates me.

How do you feel when you type a long emotional message with completely spelled words and expect the same from the girl but all you get is k?

How can you understand a sentence if it has no punctuations? (Not perfectly placed punctuations but at least a comma to separate a sentence or a question mark after a question)

I was on my way to the college. When I was halfway through, I received a text:
It is a holiday
I was dancing inside my mind!
(I dread going to college)
I almost reached home when the guy who sent the message called me and asked:

“Why can’t you reply to my text? I was asking you whether today’s a working day”

But you said it’s a holiday!?

“I was asking you!”

You idiot, was that even a question?
Where the hell is the question mark? Ate it for breakfast?
(I was furious because I was running short on attendance)

I’ll tell you another incident. I laughed for an hour on this one.
My cousin is an event manager and was due for payment. As she had some other things to take care of, I had to go and take the money. I took the number of the concerned woman and texted her
. The conversation went on like this:
Me: Hi there! I’m P’s cousin (let’s call my cousin P). She told me to take the payment as she’s busy with some other things. Where am I supposed to meet you?
The reply: Hieee.,.,.,.,.,., dis izz her sistah here! Shezzz buzy and said me to reply uh.
(It’s the woman’s sister and she’s texting because her sister told her to as she’s busy)
Me: Please let her know that I don’t have much time, I gotta go somewhere else. Can you ask her to meet me asap?
I’m gonna meet her at rendezvous point.
The reply: What? Englisssh plzzz!
Me: Tell her that I’ll meet her at the church.
The reply: Dun woie! I wl let her knw.
Me: Watch the spellings the next time you text someone. Thank you, bye.
The reply: I use shortcuts more re. Bye.

What the hell was that! Girls and guys think that texting like that makes them look posh and sophisticated. (It’s bullshit)

This was a WhatsApp status of a contact in my cousin’s contact list:

Hey! Herd ua the playa! Umm..hi! Umm the coach.

Say what!?

What I’m trying to say here is
Txt in full spllngs nawt half half
(Sorry, side effects of bad English)

I’m not that good in English myself but I try to sound and spell correct. I’m not generalizing here. All I want to say is there are some people out there who think it makes them look cool to text like this.

It only makes them sound funny.


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