New month, new goals..!!

There goes April (the month). April was ‘meditation’ and ‘start a workout’ month and I have to say it’s a failure on my part because I dumped the workout part. (As I said, I’m lazy. Very lazy)

But I did complete the meditation part though (sitting and closing my eyes seemed easier than working out). I meditated for twenty minutes every morning and I’m glad I could keep up with at least one goal.

I got a pretty serious problem. My thoughts wander off to wonderland while I work on something and then, I drop out.

Today is May 1 and it’s a new month. New month, new goals.
The workout part remains the same, the goal has to continue this month too and I need new goals. (And some inspiration).
Reading is what I’m gonna do. At least that’s what I think I’ll do.
Here’s the thing, I need some ideas about what I can do to make myself better than what I was yesterday. I need something new, a new habit and a new goal that makes me smarter and better.

I’m gonna need some suggestions. I’ll start the search and decide what to do by tonight. Feel free to give me suggestions in the comments section.


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