The feelings.


Who hates childhood? Who hated friends? Friends make our childhood and childhood makes memories for life.

Have you ever signed your report card instead of your parent and feared that you’d get caught?

Did you ever have a best friend who’s a stranger now?

Remember the days when we woke up early in the morning to go out and play at the ground till noon?

Remember the cartoons we watched when we got back home after a tiresome game?

The evenings we were out with friends to have a bicycle race?

The times we headed out on a bicycle to explore the area around us?

The snack time at a friend’s place?

The warmth of a friend’s hug
The confidence in a hand shake
The laughs while getting back home from school
Movies we watched together
Fights we had
The Lunch boxes we shared
The girls we had a crush for
The teachers we were afraid of
Incomplete notes
The Unfinished homework
The times we prepared for exams together
The Cancelled rides
The moments that tore us apart
The people that brought us together
The people that pulled us apart

I miss everything
I miss my friends
I miss the life

I miss myself


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  1. theaustraliansojourner says:

    Childhood is so complex good times, bad times. Would we want to live the bad moments over? Happily we don’t have to. 😊

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    1. If we choose not to.
      I’m still trying to get over some things.

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