Thank you for everything. I never thought you’d text me back and you just made my day! I always waited for your message. Thank you so much.

I told her.

“You know, you thank me too much.”

I thank only the people I love”

“You said it. Finally!!”

That is how I proposed to her.
Through WhatsApp. I was afraid how she’d react.

“Give me some time to think” she said.
“Take your time.”
“Okay give me two days”
“Okay, good night.”

She texted me the next morning, we talked casually and then, suddenly,

“I love you.”
“why didn’t you tell me yesterday!?”
“I wanted to make you wait but I couldn’t wait. I love you!!”

I was on cloud number nine!
All these years of waiting finally paid off. She’s mine now!

“Thank you for waiting for me” she said.
Stop thanking me, we don’t need to thank each other now. We’re one”
“I thank only the people I love. Get used to it”
“Copy cat” ๐Ÿ˜…


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