A glance that’s worth everything.

“we’ll be there in no time. Get started already!”
She said.

Yeah, I’m out . I’ll be there in fifteen .


Can you come out and meet me? It’s a dentist appointment after all, I bet it’s gonna take some time for your dad’s teeth fillings.

“Yeah, sure.”

He walked faster. It’s been a month since their last meetup and he didn’t wanna miss this opportunity because he knows he won’t be seeing her anytime soon.

“Better make it fast. Dad’s just in and there’s not much time left.”

He stopped walking. He looked around (don’t ask me why) and started running like never before. It took five minutes for him to reach the dental care.

I’m here!

“The first floor.”

He went up the staircase and stood in the corridor. He was exhausted. It’s been many days (months, actually) since he ran that fast. He ran to catch a moving bus but not this fast, not this desperate.

She was out.
His heart is beating faster than ever,
Hes exhausted.
The moment he saw her, he was energetic again, something pulled him out of exhaustion.
She stepped

“I can’t stay long. I gotta leave, dad’s out, he’s at the door step.
I love you

All this for one glance?
Well, She’s worth everything.


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  1. theaustraliansojourner says:

    So touching.

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