Where do you run to escape from yourself?

Maybe redemption has stories to tell
Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell
Where can you run to escape from yourself?

(Above awesome lines are from Dare you to move by Switch foot)

We all have our fears, don’t we?
Fear strikes us in different forms in different ages.

When we were kids, we were scared of darkness (okay, at least I was)
A little older, we were scared of our teachers
Then come the homework and exams.

We complete our education and now we’re scared of what might happen to our career and now,

When we’re old enough, when we understand what’s going on around us,
We’re scared of people.
The people we knew since childhood aren’t the same anymore. We aren’t the same.
They turn into manipulators and control freaks. People start manipulating so that they can get their work done through you by using your own emotions against you.

When you come to know what’s going on, you’re stuck with them and you can’t leave them because you’ll be left alone.
You can’t let go.

That’s the stage when you stop being afraid of them and you are scared of yourself. You’re scared that you’re not able to change and that you’ll be the same all your life.

As a kid, we ran to our parents when we’re scared
When we were young, we ran to our friends when we were afraid of life.

When we were afraid of people, we ran into solitude
When we’re old enough to know that we’re guilty, we are scared of ourselves and what else might happen because of us.
We’re scared when we’re forgiven for our wrong doings because we know we might not hold their hopes up.

What about when we’re scared of ourselves?
Why do we forgive even when we don’t want to?
Where is the road to redemption?

4 thoughts on “Where do you run to escape from yourself?

  1. I think we just grow up. When I was young I liked the big wheel at the fair it was high and fast. You get to an age where it just makes you feel unwell haha. You wouldn’t get me up there now😊

    Liked by 1 person

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