Day three: one word inspiration


We all have our regrets.
We can proudly say,

I am gonna live a life without regrets and complaints

Are you? Because it’s never gonna happen. We regret at least one thing in our life that happened because we chose something that went worse later.
Like many others, I have my regrets. I can say I have too many regrets I’m trying to let go.

People ask me,
“Do you regret dropping out of engineering?”

I don’t. But I regret wasting three years of my life. Dropping out made me what I am today. I know I haven’t achieved anything yet but had I not done that back then, I’d have been a dumbass who can’t take shit. I don’t regret my decisions but I hate it’s consequences.
This one decision alone changed my life drastically. I lost my friends (fake ones), I lost my father’s trust and most importantly, I have a three year gap in my education which makes me ineligible to even attend an interview in most of the companies.
(I have a doubt, what matters most to these companies? My educational continuity or my ability to work?? I can do the job, man, why worry about the gaps?!)

Coming back to regrets,
Trusting people is what I regret the most. There are a few people whom I’ve trusted more than my family but I ended up backstabbed. Most of them told me, take it like a man, men don’t cry.

I am a man and I cry.
Not because I’m weak, but because I’m strong enough to let go.
So, this is what the word regret reminds me.
Trust and time.
As valuable as they are, they are gonna be wasted no matter how careful we are on our part.


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  1. Agreed. I think we miss the opportunity to grow and fine tune our lives if we do not allow ourselves to admit and experience regret. As difficult as it is, mistakes are the sweet spot of learning.

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    1. True, if we don’t regret, we are bound to repeat the same mistake again. Sometimes, regret makes us do what’s right


  2. kiwinana says:

    Interesting post, so sad you don’t tink you can trust anyone but your family.
    One day you will.
    Looking forward to your future post.
    Smile, everything will work out well for you one day.
    Keep writing.

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    1. Thank you,
      I appreciate your concern.


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