Daily inspiration: Day four


Faith is what drives people forward.
Agreed? No?
Okay what makes you do something if you don’t have faith that you’ll succeed in doing it?

Let’s take an example.
Imagine a person we know and love is suffering from a terminal cancer, are we gonna assume that the person is gonna die and leave him like that?
Why do we get them treated even though we know it’s terminal?
Faith is what makes us try harder.
It might be faith in God or faith in the doctors or faith in the person’s will to survive, it’s faith that moves us forward.

It is also the most common thing that most people take advantage of.

What faith is to me:
I had faith in people once, many of them. But as I said, I trusted too much, and faith is something that puts other people on an advantage. I was used by them because of my faith in them.
I started losing  faith in people and family too, eventually because I wasn’t backed by them, most of the times.

One thing that I lacked, was faith in myself. I never believed that I could do something right.

Then I started investing my faith in God.
(Yes, we invest faith because we always want something in return). But I found out that God helps those who help themselves. But having faith in God gave me someone to blame on, it’s the God himself. If something bad  happens, we blame God (most people I know do that) and credit their hard work when they achieve something.
I eventually stopped blaming God and concentrated on my share of mistakes but never lost faith because it kept me going.

Believing that everything’s gonna be alright even if it isn’t is faith.
A blind belief that moves us forward.
It’s something that kept me going when I had nothing to hold on to.

Having faith in myself is what I’m working on right now and I believe that soon enough, when my back is up against the wall, I’m not gonna need anyone to rescue me.


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  1. The Hook says:

    Good luck with your journey of self-discovery, my friend.

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  2. Blake Naleid says:

    This reminds me of Christian scripture that warns us of putting faith in other people. A tendency that has burned us all at one time or another. Nice Post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, everyone has to be warned but mistakes are what make us human.
      Thanks for checking out.

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  3. 1life2feet says:

    Faith in oneself is good but we need God’s support. He is the sole reason of our existence…and however good or bad life may seem, we need to thank him.

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    1. Everyone has the right to their own belief 🙂 🙂


      1. 1life2feet says:

        Yeah they do..

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