Today’s topic is Let social media inspire you. Truth is, social media never inspired me. Ever. All I see is boring statuses of people eating and commenting each other. Sadly, I was one of those people too until I uninstalled all the social media apps on my mobile. Since it’s something I have to write about today, I had to open Twitter. It’s been one or two years (I don’t remember) since I signed up for a Twitter account but never logged into it.
I never bothered logging in so I just took a screenshot of it for writing this post

Coming to the tweet:

You study, study, study, and at the end, you are lucky enough to discover the greatest gift of education: that you know nothing at all.

EJ Koh is the person who tweeted it and don’t you think she’s right??
One thing about education is, even though you study for years, there’s always something new to learn.
(And sadly, education costs a lot of money and you can’t keep studying all your life)

There was this guy who was a Mechanical Engineering  graduate back in 2013. What’s he doing now? He’s a software developer in a reputed company. Well, there were very few opportunities in mechanical field at that time and even if he could land a job, he’d be paid less and moreover, he never had any practical experience. So he chose to learn java instead which was easier than getting a practical experience in his mechanical engineering field.

We were taught in school that we evolved from apes and all. Now, we see everywhere on the social media that the history we were taught in school is bullshit or insufficient.

We gain theoretical knowledge at college but lack practical experience and when we get a job, we simply know, we never knew anything at all. The syllabus needs to change according to the change in technology and trends but it never does. When we’re out of our college or school and face the real world, we find that what we’re taught is not enough or sometimes not useful. That’s when we know that we know nothing at all.


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