So where do I write?
Do I write on my couch?
Or when I’m in my bed?
Or when I’m alone?

I write whenever I want to, wherever I am. This is a habit I built with great difficulty and I don’t want it to depend on any place or time.
Whether I’m in the bus, in college, at home or watching a movie (yeah, i posted while watching a movie).
Where I am doesn’t effect what I write. Why should anything external effect our content?
You’re in the mood? go for it, no matter where you are and moreover, when you’re thinking of writing something, ideas flow irrespective of the place we’re in. So why confine our writing to a particular location? Let the ideas flow and watch your writing skills grow. (hehe)
I don’t have a laptop as of now, so I use my mobile phone to write and publish.

Any suggestions on what I should write? Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments section.


11 thoughts on “Day six: A space to write

          1. It will blow your mind. I have a dentist appointment shortly, but I am writing all afternoon when I get back. A bird, the same one, came to see me four times right after my brother died. The day I planned his funeral, I visited his favorite fishing place. Just as I was leaving, I was so sad, and felt so alone. Lost, is a better word. I prayed for strength, and peace, but mostly, I prayed for signs that my brother was okay. As I stood up from the swing I had sat in for about 45 minutes just trying to get that full deep breath in, I could not breathe good. I sat there trying to get the courage for what faced me. When I got up, the most beautiful dove flew from the right side of the lake in my vision, so peacefully all the way out of sight to the left. It felt like my peace. One day, when I was leaving to take my niece to the doctor, the bird that came for me four times, it looked like the same one, flew with me down my street. It sat on the top of my road sign, as I turned right to carry on, as if to let me know, it will be there when I get back.

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