Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

To start off with the post,
Today’s theme is what I do when I’m not writing or in an other way, how do I manage to write in spite of my busy schedule.;)
(Busy?? Says who?? Myself!!)

My day basically ends very leisurely with a lot of food and TV followed by a deep sleep. I usually doze of at 9:30pm.
Before I took up this every day Inspiration course, I wrote a few posts and I never needed any particular time to write because I wrote whenever I could. After I took up this course, the daily inspiration theme comes by mail early in the morning by 5:00am (that’s when I check my mail) and the first mail I check is from the blogging university because it tells me what to write today.(everyday)

I start writing as soon as I get the theme and the time now is 6:56am, so I write pretty early. It saves me time as I have to get ready for college by 8’o clock. I read the posts from the blogs I follow while I’m on the way to college and while coming back home. A casual meetup (and snack time!slurrrp) with friends later in the evening and it’s dinner time when I get back home. The cycle repeats every day. So I find it easy to write early in the morning.

Since it’s summer right now and college remains closed for a month, I have all the time in the world and I’m even going out for morning walks, started working out and meditation too!!

That’s all for today:D


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