Day Ten: Let the Scene Write Itself

You might be wondering, “why a blurry image??”
I blurred it on purpose.

As I mentioned in a previous post of mine, I love night rides.

Me and my friends went for a late night movie and as the movie ended we got hungry!! It was way past midnight and the entire city seemed deserted.

Street food and midnight go hand in hand and we went on a hunt for it!! After failing to have found any food, We found a Bar and Restaurant open and decided to buy some vodka. We bought enough for 3 of us and started searching for food again. After a second time search failure and growling stomachs, we took a takeaway from the same restaurant and rode home.

A few vodka shots later, we wanted to ride again. We started our bikes ( I requested my friend to take the handle as I didn’t want to drive in that state and one of us was sober.).

I took the picture when I was drunk and I blurred it to show you how it looked like to me.;)

That photo was taken at the best spot for night rides in our city, Necklace road, Hyderabad. Adjacent to a lake and a set of parks. I can recollect what was happening around, men smoking, parents coming with their kids to play, the crowd outside a night club, rich brats racing on their sports bikes, a few women gibbering in their cars with loud music, a few guys showing off their bike stunts (to impress those girls, I guess) and all the street lights gleaming!!

That was fun.

(Coming to my drinking habit, I promised my girlfriend I’d quit and I’m working on it)


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  1. theaustraliansojourner says:

    You know I’ve read these but I realised a few though I commented on them I forgot to press like as well so now I’ve double checked. Read them again. Pressed like. ☺

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  2. theaustraliansojourner says:

    I like it. Good post and as I said I like the photo it goes well with it.

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    1. Thanks a ton!
      Your first comment on my post…!!!!

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  3. juggernautpanda says:


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    1. Can you be specific?


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