Everyday Inspiration, Day Thirteen: Play With Word Count

My first haiku!!

Down the lonely road;
Among urban wilderness;
Lost inside myself.

A regular day in my city.


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  1. Well done! I have a book called Haiku Mind and like them, but have not learned the proper form yet. I will have to look into it. Your’s really captures the depth of the Haiku.

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    1. Really?
      Thank you. It isn’t that easy to write one.


      1. Yes… It’s very challenging to write one, I’ve heard, as one has to be so economical with words. Take care!

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        1. You too, take care­čśâ


  2. Great job! You can feel the emotions.

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  3. The three lines contain MANY buried words/thoughts/visions! Great job!

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  4. MEGumiho says:

    Wow. I like this post.

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    1. Thank you!
      I had to struggle real hard to write these three lines­čśé

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