Everyday inspiration, Day Sixteen: Mine your own material

Take a peek in your WordPress.com post drafts. Can you use unpublished copy in a new way?
This is what caught my eye when I saw today’s wordpress mail. So I looked up in my drafts and I found the story I’ve written I wanted to publish about a month ago.
After a few minor corrections, here it is. It may sound unfinished, tell me if it really is.:D

Moving on.

One of the toughest things anyone can do. It’s something that can kill you from the inside.

We all had friends that were close to us once, the one we could count on, the one who’s gonna be there forever. What do you do when you know you’ve been and are being manipulated by that one friend you trusted?

Ben and ken were best friends since kindergarten. They were inseparable but their idea of life differed. As they grew up, their worlds changed but their friendship survived.

They made new friends. Ken did well in his academics while Ben dropped out of college. Ken always argued with Ben that he’s making wrong choices. This continued for two more years. Ken had friends who were rich and often went out with them. Ben was always waiting for Ken. Years passed. Ken finished his college and landed the perfect job, he earns well now while Ben is still doing his master’s degree.

Ben comes to know that Ken has been dating his sister since a year and he never told him. When asked why, Ken told Ben:
I never told you because you don’t know how to handle a situation and you give drastic reactions to even the simplest of situations. I’ve known you long enough to understand what to tell you and what not to.
Ben was broken on the inside.
He was happy when Ken said he’d come to India for Ben but now he knows he’s here for his sister. Everytime he met him, it was for her.
He wasn’t expecting that answer from his best friend. All he ever wanted was Ken to tell him that he was dating his sister.
Just a confession was all he wanted.

A year passed. Ken is happy with his job and the money he’s making. All Ben could think of was the good times they had together. They texted each other once in a while but never like they did before.
Ben doesn’t know what to do.
Should he let him go?
Or get back to him and apologize?

Does someone really let go after moving on? Does moving on help in letting go?


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  1. Jim says:

    You made some really good points there. I checked on the internet for more information about the
    issue and found most people will go along with your views on this web site.


  2. theaustraliansojourner says:

    I think as Ben has made an effort to text in a friendly manner, and has accepted what happened, despite being hurt, and has made efforts as well to move on, he has come to terms with it. People can have more than one friend. It is hard when people don’t tell the whole truth, especially when it is because they feel they are doing it to protect your relationship, so you don’t stop being their friend, and then when the truth comes out… the opposite occurs. Mentally it is hard to move on. But you can do it. What Ken had with Ben is totally different from what friendship he had with Ben’s sister. But if Ben forgives Ken, then they can both either move on leaving things the way they are as casual friends, or just make an effort to be better friends again. Maybe they can never be friends like they were before. But in life, there are sometimes difficult decisions, and sometimes people make the wrong ones. Or sometimes, they make the only one they think they can, and try and live with what comes next…

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    1. This is so far the most inspiring comment yet. I respect your views on the matter and yeah, you’re absolutely right.

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      1. theaustraliansojourner says:


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  3. Christa chn says:

    Excuse me to interfere in your life matters, but I think you should be happy for your didi:) and your best friend, you know it can be that perhaps they were afraid of your reaction to on the truth of their relationship, and if they were afraid to hurt your feelings it’s because they care for you. Now it’s really bad that they have hidden that from you, I would have also been sad and after that, but try to take it in a positive way.

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    1. I was neither happy nor sad.
      Well, they broke up eventually and I knew they would.

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  4. MEGumiho says:

    Moving on is always the hardest part.

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    1. Yes it is.
      It might take days and sometimes years to move on from something. But it’s the best can do.

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      1. MEGumiho says:

        Exactly..in the end you have no choucew but to do it to free yourself from pain..

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  5. Grace Anne says:

    When you completely accept that the person is no longer your friend but jus someone who is manipulating you, letting go and moving on will both be easy. As long as you have a glimmer of hope that they might change and become the true friend they were, which IMHO will never happen, you’ll always find it hard to let go.

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