Everyday Inspiration, Day Seventeen: A Map As Your Muse

People draw their own maps through out their lifetime based on the places they lived, loved and visited.

I’d have attached too many maps if I wanted to tell you about the places that inspired me or made me happy. But this area, Narayanguda, is the place where I spent the most of my life as a college student after schooling. This place has everything a student needs, from top colleges to amazing restaurants, and yeah, hookah parlours too ;).
It’s a paradise for teenagers!

I was a loser when I was at school, nobody liked me and I hated them all.
Joining this college made me realise I could make friends too.
Oh, I made loads of friends.

I absolutely had no time to study and was always busy with them. I was so busy, I didn’t have time to check my subjects and syllabus. To many people’s surprise, I opted for French to be my second language. But to my bad luck, the professor resigned because the students were rash and inconsiderate towards the subject.(not me!) Since there wasn’t anyone to teach us French, the room was always empty and it became a rendezvous point for us when we bunk classes.

There were days when student agitations left the professors and principals disquieted, there were days when students (some of them) beat the crap out of each other in the name of student unions and religion and some of them just to portray themselves as cool. The cooler they were outside, the uglier they were inside. Many of them were rich brats and some of them had severe addiction problems. There was profanity everywhere.

In spite of all this ruckus, I managed to find a few friends who were a lot ‘not’ like me. This was the time when I had no time for myself. This was that phase of my life where I wasn’t bullied.

Here, I’ve seen everything I had to see,
Friendship, enmity, education, moral degradation, trust, betrayal, enjoyment and anxiety.

This is the place I Iove, this is the place I regret.


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  1. Christa chn says:

    Alors vous parlez Français, mais c’est bien sa 🙂

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    1. I can’t read French, sorry!! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Christa chn says:

        I just thought that you wanted to learn French as a second language, I thought you knew a bit:) it’s okay.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I did mention that our Professor resigned, didn’t I?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Christa chn says:

            Yes you did, but just thought that you had a little knowledge of French as you were interested in learning it and people that don’t speak French don’t like to learn that language, and you were really clever wanting to learn French.

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  2. MEGumiho says:

    I suddenly missed my college friends. They helped me a lot when I got pregnant because I continued my studies with my big tummy. Without their help, I wouldn’t be able to graduate on time..

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    1. True friendship is hard to find.
      You’re lucky in that aspect.

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      1. MEGumiho says:

        I am. Sometimes I think that I don’t deserve their kindness.


        1. Never think you don’t deserve something. We all deserve everything, it’s just the situation that determines what we deserve.

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  3. Well it should be since only career oriented people get into colleges. 🙂


  4. B-lake says:

    Wow. That sounds like high school in America

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    1. Hahaha
      How are highschools in America?


      1. B-lake says:

        A little crazy. Once you get to college, the violence and polarization is mostly weeded out.


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