I’ve done it!
This is the final day of the blogging 101 I’ve been waiting for so long. I am happy because I’ve completed the course and sad because I’m gonna miss it.
Even though we have daily prompts after this course, I have a special feeling about this particular thing. I woke up every morning to see my mailbox and start writing a post based on the theme. Since there will be no mail on every day inspiration from tomorrow, I’m gonna miss it for sure.

I disliked this course in the beginning because I’m writing not what I liked to write but what I’m told. The more I wrote, the more interesting it has become.

As today’s post is the last one of the blogging 101, I’m gonna wrap this up starting with:

The post I enjoyed writing was Day 11: A cup of coffee . To make this post sound genuine, I made myself a cup of coffee early in the morning that day and thought of what I’d do if there was a person sharing a cup of coffee with me. I put my heart in this post and in the end, I felt satisfied with my writing for the first time ever.

The post that made me go “aha!”
Is Day 13: Play with word count.
God! How I struggled to write a haiku!!
The 5-7-5 rule got me go nuts for a while and when I finished it, I jumped off my bed yelling ‘hell yeah!!’

Now that I’m done with this, I gotta decide on what to write from tomorrow.
I’m open to suggestions, opinions and ideas, so please do give me anything you got in the comments section.

I sincerely thank everyone who helped me pull this off and thank you Geeko, for being patient with me.



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