Careful, don’t go any further, it only gets deeper and you don’t know how to swim.
My sister yelled as moved forward into the water from where I was standing. I know that I can’t swim, I don’t even know what I was thinking. I just moved forward. Before I could come back to my senses, a huge wave hit me and I was hurled back to the shore.
I could taste the salt water in my mouth and I almost puked. I got up again and moved a further. Another wave hit and I was back at the shore with salt water in my mouth. Something was blocking my senses and I couldn’t think of anything else but going deeper into the water.

“You’re a lucky guy, people get dragged into the water when they’re hit by a wave like that but you’re being pushed to the shore. God doesn’t want you to die today, there’s something you gotta do here.”
A stranger at the shore told me. I don’t know why he was observing me but his words punched me back to my senses.

“What the hell! I don’t wanna die! I was just having fun, I like playing in the water.”
I muttered.

And you won’t like it if water starts playing with you. Better be careful, nice meeting you. Bye.
Said the stranger and walked away.


That’s me, enjoying the beach and water.

It’s my third day in Goa and my third day on the beach too. I love beaches. When I’m on a beach, I’m as serene as the winter skies. I stared at the Arabian sea which never seemed to have an end point. Something in me wanted me to drown and explore the see from the inside.
I felt like I was connected to something I can’t make out what, maybe it’s the sea. And the feeling of exploring the insides of the sea maybe an indication of exploring myself.
I never found myself but I found peace.
And I’ve changed since then, my sister tells me.


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