It has been a dull day so far, maybe because of the weather. I wanted to do something but I’m in no mood to do anything so I listed out the possible things to do at home.

Assignments? Some other time.
Study? Hell no!
TV? Boring shit on weekdays.
Meet a friend? Don’t wanna go out.
Read? Nah.
Write? About what??

When you start thinking, your brain starts working. When your brain starts working, you feel stressed.
What is the best stress reliever in the world?
It’s FOOD. I eat more when I’m stressed.
People say I have a superpower, I don’t gain weight no matter how much I eat.

The next big question: what to eat?

I started searching my house for something to eat. All I could find was one egg.

Challenge accepted!!

I wanted to make something out of it.
I googled for delicacies that could be made with an egg but most of them were either complicated or needed more than one egg.
I am not stepping out of my house.
The only two options I’ve got:

1: Boil the egg
2: Make an omelette

Boiling an egg takes 15-20 minutes.
I can hardly wait for ten.

1: Boil the egg
2: Make an omelette

Omelette takes less than ten minutes and boy! It’s soul satisfying.(at least for me.)

I immediately rushed into the kitchen, took the skillet out and started by pouring a teaspoon of oil in it.

I broke the egg into the pan and managed to get the egg mixture in a perfect circle with the yolk intact.

Then I Sprinkled salt and pepper and set the stove to high. I wanted the omelette to look thick, so I put a lid on it for a few seconds until I felt it’s fried enough, then turned the omelette upside down, Sprinkled some more salt, pepper and some chilli powder and then put a lid on it again.

After a few seconds of trying like that,
I finally finished making the omelette in ten minutes.

Round, thick and yum!
The yolk that creeped on my jaw when I took a bite, tasted like liquid caramel..!

And most importantly, that awesome feeling you get when you cook something right for the first time…
Who said cooking is a woman’s job!?
I found joy in cooking!


12 thoughts on “The joy of cooking

  1. Despite the fact that an omelette doesn’t have a drippy yellow egg yolk centre drizzling down your chin once it is cooked, because you beat the egg before you put it in the pan… one of the things I like about this blog post is the fact that it shows that as a writer you know you have to keep writing, and you are writing, every day. Well done for rising to that challenge, as well as giving yourself something tasty to eat. πŸ™‚

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