The drunk father

He hit his rock bottom that year.
He was jobless since six months and had absolutely no idea what to do.
His brothers were of no help to him, borrowing money was against his principles.

He knew his kids were hungry. He had very little money left from which he had saved.

Thinking of money made him angry;
Thinking of family made him sad.

There was only one thing that could make him forget everything, alcohol.
He bought himself a bottle and finished it within a few minutes. The moment he consumed alcohol, he felt liberated.

He staggered until he reached his house and when he did, he barged in and fell. Everything was blurry.
He lifted his head up and saw his ten year old kid drawing something on a paper. He lifted himself up, walked straight to the kid and asked him to stop what he was doing as it wouldn’t help him achieve anything.

The kid, clueless of what his father was speaking, asked him “what’s wrong?”

When you have alcohol, remember that alcohol has you too.

The father took the piece of art, tore it to bits and slapped the kid for questioning him. He then went straight to bed.

Years passed.
The father couldn’t give up alcohol but the son gave up on his dad.


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