The failed mother!?

The school gates were closed and locked, the ground deserted and the road packed with traffic.

The honking of the traffic and the policeman’s whistle made her uncomfortable, she couldn’t bear that anymore. A teardrop fell. Another followed and another. She got up wiping the tears off her eyes and picked her bag up. It was heavy but not heavier than the fear she was carrying.

It was results day and she had failed in every subject. She didn’t mind her teacher scolding her, her friends’ snarky comments didn’t matter a bit.

She could no longer stay at the school gate as it was getting dark. She didn’t want to go home either.

The sun went down and the moon was up. The parents were worried about their little girl and already called up everyone they knew inquiring about their daughter. A squeaky sound was heard from the hall, it was the main door. The mother rushed to the door, she knew it was her baby girl. She lifted her up, kissed her and started crying.

“Where’s your report card?
The father asked.

The mother put her down,
Yes dear, where’s your report card?

This is what the girl was afraid of. The moment has come, she took the card out and gave it to her mother.

The ‘oh so worried’ mother was furious at her daughter’s marks. She had to let the fury out somehow, so, she gave the girl a tight slap.

The girl fell down crying.
She could see through her wet eyes,
Her father walking out smoking his cigarette,
I knew she’d fail. Just like her mother.

The mother cried more than ever that night but the girl never cried again.


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  1. Thea says:

    The feels for this post! Nice short story again Bharath!
    I know you got nominated for Liebster but.. still.. I shall nominate you if it’s okay 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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