Grandpa’s glasses

Anybody up? I can’t sleep. Can someone sit by my side for a few minutes?
Grandpa called out late at night.

This was the first time he has come to visit his friend and he fell asleep soon as he reached.

“Hi grandpa, I’m Sonny’s friend, I arrived at 11 pm today and fell asleep immediately. Sorry, I couldn’t notice you. Everybody’s asleep now…
Can I help you?”
He asked grandpa.

Uh…kid these people never care for me. It’s so sweet of you to come and volunteer to help me. Just listen to my gibberish for a while. Will you? And also, just get my glasses from the doorstep, I accidentally tossed it there.”

“Sure, why not. It’s my pleasure. Just let me switch the light on.”

Kid, I can’t take the light at this time of night. Just let it be. Moreover I love darkness.

“Why’s that?”

Night puts us to sleep and conceals great secrets. Just like us humans.
We’re dark as the night can be.


He sat beside grandpa on the bed, he couldn’t make out how close he was to him because of the darkness.

When I was young, the world seemed as bright as the sun. I could see Opportunities everywhere, love in everyone accompanied by a mix of failure and sadness.

When I started to age, the world became dark. I saw opportunistic people, love for material and money.

Everything got darker with age.
When I retired, I thought my kids would take care of me and show me the love I craved for all those years but couldn’t get. But life had already got them.
They were busy with whatever they did.
I was being fed and offered shelter, I felt no different from cattle being fed.
I waited for death to come and get me…
And when it did, I embraced it with a smile on my face!”

“Hey, I forgot about your glasses at the doorstep just lemme get them. Wait… what?”

“Who the hell are you talking to in your sleep?” Sonny woke his friend up and asked.

“I had this strange dream of talking to your grandpa in the other room.”

“My grandpa died of heart attack when I was ten years old in our village. The other room you were talking about, was the one he used when he was alive.”

“So sad, Sonny. I better sleep.”

Thirsty, Sonny walked towards the hall and stepped on something. He bent over and found an old pair of glasses and put it on the table on his way back.

“But these glasses were locked in grandpa’s trunk. How did these get here??”


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