“Hey I’ve read your blog…
I hate to tell you but you should know it’s pathetic.”

Thank you so much for your review, I appreciate it.

“You got only 10 followers!
That’s too bad. I don’t think you post anything that has an actual meaning.”

I’ll try, thank you.

“I got more views than you. Maybe you aren’t serious about your blog.”

Oh, is it? I am serious though. Thank you for your advice.

These were the responses of people when I showed them my blog.

“I am gonna critique your blog and you aren’t gonna like it. Your writing is good but the content is bad.”

This is what broke my heart as it came from somebody I care for. Writing a blog is something that I started to put my happiness and pain at one place. Though that was the basic idea, I started developing fondness for short stories and even wrote a few.

“I’ve read your stories but haven’t found them interesting. You should change your content.”
Was the first review I got when I published my first short story.
It was a bit negative but yeah, it inspired me to change the content.
I published my first horror short story a few days ago. Though my friends held on to negative reviews, I was happy because I changed the content.

Something is better than nothing, isn’t it?

A guy I know told me,
“You don’t have many followers, your posts don’t get enough likes, there are hardly any comments on your posts….
Do you really think you should continue writing?”

It was true to some extent but I have a few followers now and likes and comments too. Most importantly, I have few people who really read what I write.
That makes me happy.
Then again, It isn’t always about comments or likes or follows. It’s about how satisfied you are with what you do.
Am I satisfied? No.
But the day I don’t post anything, I feel incomplete.

“You gained anything from this blog of yours?” My mother asked me.

Well, I’m where I belong now and moreover, I even managed to make friends with some amazing people!
You guys rock!

I know I’m not good enough but I am confident that I’m gonna get better with every post I publish.
Before you make statements about my work, I hope you know the difference between criticism and judging.



26 thoughts on “First impressions.

  1. I’ve read just two stories and I liked them. I’m a writer and I know what goes into our stories and articles – our heart and soul. I was really annoyed by the negative comments that you got until I read the last part. Some of the comments I got were hurtful too, but fortunately none had the audacity to tell me straight up that my writing was bad. Thankfully!
    “Before you make statements about my work, I hope you know the difference between criticism and judging. ” – This is so well put.
    You’re on the right track, buddy. Let them negative comments keep coming in. We’ll just be better each day. 🙂 Thank you for visiting me, and giving me the gift of reading your stories and your blog. 🙂

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  2. Me someone said that they wanted to vomit when seeing my blog, well its mine and i do whatever i want and write whatever i want:), it was a dream to create this blog, and am proud of my baby, i guess that everybody should be proud of their baby.
    No matter if nobody reads, comment or whatever, your cool Bharath, keep it up, i love your short stories and your philosophical writings.

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  3. Keep on with your writing, there is nothing wrong with it. I enjoy reading it, you are an honest writer and it comes from your heart, don’t bother listening to all the downer on your blog, you are miles ahead of them already, just what you said in your post, “Am I satisfied? No.
    But the day I don’t post anything, I feel incomplete”. That’s the answer, KEEP WRITING.
    We are all here for you, Cheers.

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  4. I don’t know if my blog is good, but it really doesn’t matter, I do it to get my reps in and develop ideas. All writers have to wade through unrelatable material to get to the stuff more people will read. Besides, it’s all subjective anyways!

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  5. Interesting how the most hurtful responses are from those who are closest to us! We write not for them but for us though and the more we write the more we enjoy it and the better we get. I also have to keep telling myself not to listen to the negative voices inside and outside of my head 🙂

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      1. Keep going Bro, from the little i have read, you run quite a blog here and it will def reach greater heights with your consistency in line. ☺ – Cezane

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