Fair play.

“I need someone who doesn’t fall in love with me. I just need a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Her text disappointed me.

“Better luck next time, buddy.” I said to my poor self.

Someone who doesn’t love her? Why’s she so confident about people liking her? Am I not good enough for her? Will I ever be?

All these questions echoed in my mind. I gotta do something.

Well, she’s still texting me, I’m still her friend. I considered that was the best I could get and continued talking to her. Months passed. We texted casually.

“Why do you text me?” She asked.

“Uh.. I don’t know.. I like your name, I guess.”

Like her name? Really? Numbwit.

“That’s a bizzare reason. Do you like me?”

“I do, I mean, in a good way, not to be offensive. I like you as a friend.”

“We’re just friends? Nothing more? Did you ever feel like we’re more than friends?”

“No, never. What do you mean ‘more than friends‘?

“You really don’t know what that means?”

“No, I mean, yes. But we’re just friends. You wanted to be just friends. We’re just friends.”

Congratulations, genius. You just ruined a wonderful chance to tell her what you really feel.

I cursed myself.

I was scared. A girl who’s way out of my league asks me something like that, how else am I supposed to react? What if she’s joking?

I was a little insecure because I’ve heard people say no girl would ne interested in me, not even one. What do you expect when you’re called a douchebag and the girl you always wanted texts you that way?

Freak out and zone out!

Well that was an year ago.

We still laugh about it and guess what? She steals the credit for our relationship happening.

That’s not fair.

Or is it?


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