The basic duty.

I know I said that I won’t be here for a month but there’s something I’ve noticed and I wanna share it here.

“Keeping the city clean is our duty as a citizen.” He said, “I hate people throwing trash here and there. Littering idiots. No commonsense at all.”

We walked inside the building as he spit aside and coughed.

Where’s your common sense now?

This is what’s wrong with us. We need people to change for us while we don’t give a shit about what we’re doing.

As M.K. Gandhi ji said,

Be the change you want to see in the world.

What do we do when we see these quotes? We think that he’s right, curse the society, blame the government and continue what we’re doing without any regret. When asked why don’t you follow what you say, people give this ridiculous answer of “what can one common man like me do? That won’t make any difference. The world is going the wrong way, the people who do good won’t survive.” 

You know what? There will be a difference. I was once having breakfast with my friends at a street vendor. There was trash everywhere and papers littered all around the place. Then, one fine gentleman picked all the trash up, dumped them in the bin and walked away. Seeing this, the people started usng that trash can which was invisible all the while.

I know we can’t go around sweeping the streets. But,

Before complaining and nagging about how dirty the streets are, I think it’s better to start being clean and keeping our surroundings clean.


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