A friend is nothing but a known enemy.                                                  -Kurt Cobain


To all the friends I’ve disappointed, sorry.
All the friends who’ve let me down, it’s okay.

Friends who never gave a shit, I still care.

Friends who no longer consider me a friened anymore, I’m always here for you, friends.

This is the first time I’ve ever felt alone on a friendship day. I’ve had friends, lots of them, they had even more. I cared for them, they cared for me. But as Newton’s law of attraction states, Like poles repel.

We fought, we split, we are never getting back together. But hey! When you have the courage to let go, you’ll be rewarded with a new hello, as said by Paulo Coelho. I’ve let go of some and too many let go of me and here I am, waiting for a hello. Though I’m pissed off at most of them, I still miss them. My friends say, it’s all your doing, you let go.

What else could I’ve done? I felt like I was being played with.

I want them to know that I’m waiting for a hello or atleast a goodbye.

To all my friends, I miss you all.

To all my fellow bloggers, I’m glad to be here with you, Happy friendship day.


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