Love me a memoir

Now that I’m done with my exams, I’ve decided to start reading a book. Nothing fascinates me more than a memoir or an autobiography. I asked people for recommendations and made a list of books to read.

I always wanted to read books based on experiences of soldiers in battlefield, especially from the world wars and Vietnam war. What story can possibly portray terror and hope better than a war memoir? The search for a perfect memoir began.

I searched for books like Dear Mom and the Lone Survivor but was unable to find either of them in stores or online. That’s when my girlfriend surprised me with this book:

We were soldiers once and young

Ah! The joy of finding the right book! It’s priceless. I’m half way through the book now and as the author says in his own words,

“Another war story, you say? Not exactly, for on the more important levels this is a love story, told in our own words and by our own actions.”

This book made me realise what war is like in real life and that most of the movies we watched never got it right. It portrayed how the soldiers felt like in a war zone, the love for their country, the love for their families and friends. I have been reading about Vietnam war this morning and whoa! The intensity of the war, the casualities! There will never be and shouldn’t be another war like it.

Thanks for the recommendations, Piyusha, I’m searching for The Railway Man.

Any other books you know of? Please do recommend.


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  1. bhuvam says:

    Biography of Winston Churchill. The man who led the forces of world war 2 personally. Won a noble prize in literature. Was the British Prime Minister. And a Badass. Nothing beats him.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look it up!


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