“Excuse me, which way is The Solitaire Hotel?” I asked a random guy on the road. I had an event to attend and I’m lost in this concrete jungle. My GPS is giving me a hard time and gmaps keeps crashing.

Soldier hotel? No idea.” He said.

“No, not soldier, solitaire, it’s solitaire.”

No idea.

Ahh good. There goes another one and he didn’t bother answer my question. I kept walking for another ten minutes searching for the hotel. All the traffic, smoke and honking was killing me but I kept walking. My phone rang. It was my friend, I was supposed to meet him at the hotel. I answered the call and there go the signals! I was out of the coverage area! Tired, sleepy and irritable, I looked left, right, up and down for that wretched hotel only to find traffic and fly overs.

My phone rang again!

Hello, we’re calling from C*****l Mall, am I speaking to Mr.Bharath?” Man! Annoying gift calls! “Sir, you’ve won a dinner set worth Rs.3000/- would you like to collect it tomorrow?

I was angry and frustrated, yes. But hey! I won a lucky draw. How cool is that!

“Yes, where am I supposed to come??”

To the mall, sir, by 11 AM tomorrow. Are you married, sir?

“Uh, no. Is that a problem?”

Big problem, sir. You have to be married to collect this gift. I’m sorry, thank you for taking part in the lucky draw, greetings from the mall staff. Bye.

You got to be kidding me! Why should I have to be married to collect a freakin’ dinner set? Can’t an unmarried guy use a dinner set?

I lost the signal again. Suddenly, the Biryani smell popped out of nowhere and boy! That made me hungry like a wolf. The neighborhood was full of restaurants and street food and I couldn’t ignore the beautiful smell of spices. I followed the smell and looked to my left. There it was, The Grand Solitaire Hotel, in all it’s gleaming lights and decors! The signal strength was pretty good, so I texted my friend to come find me in the parking lot. Ten minutes passed, no sign of him.

My friend called.”Where are you, man? I’m waiting for you at the parking.

“I’m here too. Where the hell are you? I’m standing beside the chinese restaurant here.”

There’s isn’t any Chinese restaurant here. There might be another entrance to the hotel. Let me ask the guard here.

A few seconds later,

Dude, it isn’t the Solitaire, it’s The Grand Solitaire Annex.

I was pissed. But to my surprise, I was right next to it and then I realized, I’ve walked past this hotel two times while I was searching for the Solitaire. Crazy names, I say!


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  1. Don’t go to collect the dinner set.

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