Look at her clothes! She looks like a b****. I wonder what’s happening to our country and culture.” I overheard two people talking about a woman in front of them.

Hey baby! Why’re you covering your face with a scarf? Are you that ugly?” An acquaintance of mine commented on a random woman on the road. I guess the comment would’ve been more intense and rude without her scarf on.

Omg! Look at her! Look at her **private parts**. I wish I had a girlfriend like that.” Another acquaintance of mine commented. “Would you marry her of she loved you?” I asked him. “Hell no! Just look at her clothes! I seriously doubt her character.” Seriously, bro. Character? That too hers?

I guess before judging where our country and women are going, why don’t we just judge ourselves and think what we are?!

I know I sound like a feminist, but I’m not. There are a lot of good guys out there and it’s because of assholes like these that all the men are hated.

Women too complain about men and their preferences. I often hear women nag about men who never choose women who are fat or dark skinned or both. But honestly, would you marry a guy who’s dark and fat? There is this family I know of, the mother always complained about how boys would reject her daughter because she was dark and the same woman wanted a fair and slim girl for his son who’s dark too.

They say looks don’t matter and in the end, only looks matter.


7 thoughts on “A need for change

    1. Yes it does, and sometimes people presume feminists to be negative and bad which is 90% of the population. I’ve put it in their perspective so it’ll push even the non supporters to agree that there exists a problem. Thank you!! I really appreciate comments and conversations. 🙂

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