My first ‘party night’

The music was dull and echoed throughout the closed area. My friend spoke something to me but I couldn’t hear a thing. The dim lighting made me feel like I was drugged. There were people everywhere, greeting each other, shaking hands, hugging and winking at women. I surely was the odd one out who hardly knew anyone and sure as hell couldn’t recognize old accomplices. A guy approached me out of nowhere and put his arm around my shoulder and said, “Wasn’t expecting you here! How’re you, man?” While I was still figuring out who he is, he handed me a glass of soda.

We walked towards the dance floor with drinks in our hands (wine in theirs, soda in mine). Looking around the club, I found people smoking, drinking, groping drunk women and laughing out loud (or should I say lol?). I stepped up on the dance floor and stood there, watching others dance. A friend of mine grabbed my hand and asked me to dance. I couldn’t. I never danced before, I can’t dance. I don’t have it in me.

“Alright here’s the trick. Put your hands up and jump like you stepped barefoot on something really hot.” He said, dragging me further into the floor.

I raised my hand up and started jumping, like a monkey that people see in the zoo. I wasn’t feeling it. “How’s this supposed to be dancing?” I wondered. I stepped off the floor and walked to another friend, took the pipe from his hand and smoked sheesha for a while. I dreamt of going to a pub all my life and when I actually was there for the first time, I wasn’t quite impressed. A random guy now asked if he could smoke our sheesha once, just once. This was totally uncool and stupid.

I walked away from that annoyance and sat on a couch at the bar. I wasn’t interested in drinking. A few seconds later, I see my friend punching another guy down. I went straight to my friend to find out what went wrong and understood what was actually wrong. He was drunk as fuck and somehow pissed that guy off real bad. It didn’t take much time for us to be surrounded by a gang of ‘not so friendly’ bouncers to escort us out of the so called ‘party area’.

    Well, this was my first ‘night life’ experience. How was yours?


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