His footsteps were loud. We could hear them pounding against the floor. He was on a hunt for escapers. “I want everyone who’s hiding in every corner of this building. Take two men with you and flush them out!” He ordered his assistant.

The assistant, along with another two men went upstairs in search of people who hid. Our hearts were pounding. Every second seemed like an eternity. He had a way of letting his victims know his presence. He hummed with a grace that no one ever had. The closer he got, the louder was his humming. We embraced each other as our final moments were nigh.

I know you’re in there. If you don’t come out by yourselves, I’ll drag you out with my own hands.” He warned us.

“I’m going. I’ll tell him there’s no one inside. Get out of here as soon as he takes me away from here.” Mujtaba said and walked out of the room.

There you are, you brat! Now tell the others to come out..” He smirked.

We knew he was aware that we’re hiding. “That’s it, Raj.” I said opening the door, “we’re caught.” I walked out of the room and along came Raj.

Bunking classes and hiding in the bathrooms, eh! Not so clever. Let’s go to my cabin and I’ll call your parents one by one. Never underestimate your principal.” He said looking at us with a grin.

The worst thing about getting caught: the principal now knows your name!!


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