It rained continuously for four hours. A rain like this hasn’t been experienced in recent times.

Who can hate rain? 

I was riding home with a friend and we had to stop and look for shelter because we knew the rain wasn’t going to stop anytime soon, so we stood halted under a tree. In an area surrounded by humongous apartments and shopping malls, there stood a tent which gave shelter to a small family. A guy and his wife with three kids lived in a tent. He was a daily wage earner and he had just been home. They never thought that their home would be shattered because of the downpour and the winds. Th tent was down in a matter of minutes.

The man came out with some tools and started fixing his tent, patching it at places. Two kids jumped out and started playing in the rain, throwing water at each other. They danced around their father, who was now smiling at them.

Who needs sympathy when one can help himself!? In a world where people never have enough, they gave me quite a surprise.

 Happiness can be found everywhere. We just have to look for it.

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