It was Six pm in the evening but the beaming sunlight made it look like it was just four. The game just got interesting. I paused the game and looked around. There wasn’t anybody around so I sighed in relief. As the game progressed, I was completely lost and unaware of any presence.

Did you play Assassins Creed before or is this your first time?” The words came from beside me. I looked to my right to find this girl looking at the screen. 

“Finally! A girl who loves videogames.” I thought to myself. “Not much, I’m just a novice.” I replied, “And you are!?”

I’m Sam’s cousin. Here to attend the housewarming. Are you his friend?” She asked with a wide eyed expression.

“Ah, yes. Give me a minute. I’ll finish this assassination.” I said. She was silent.

I finished the game quickly and shut the game thinking that the girl was here for the laptop.

Keep playing. I love to watch videogames.” I could see an annoyed expression on her face. “So, what do you do?” She asked. I couldn’t sense any curiosity in her tone.

“I’m doing my bachelor’s in business administration. You’re Sam’s cousin, eh!?” I said without looking at her, playing another mission.

No, I’m not.” She said. “He’s my cousin.”

“But it’s the same” I said.

So you know.” She was sarcastic.

I paused the game and turned to her side. The game got me bored.

You play well. Do you study well too? How good are you with the academics? I like people who do good in their subjects.” She said (and asked)

“Actually I don’t. It takes me a lot of struggle to get passing marks. But I try to do better. Just doesn’t workout.” A proud feeling struck me when I said this. (Proud of my poor grades. Hey! I pass my subjects, at least.)

Why’s that? You skip your classes a lot? Got a girlfriend??” She smirked.

“You really shouldn’t be asking that.” I scorned.

Haha! You’re so shy! Ask me if I got a boyfriend!” I could feel her excitement. I hesitated.

C’mon! Don’t be shy! Ask me!

“Okay, fine. You got a boyfriend?” 

Are you crazy!? I’m just eleven!” 

I looked at her, amazed as she ran downstairs.

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