His voice wasn’t so pleasant and I could feel the intensity and force while I listened to him. 

It’s Boffin. You’ll deliver the package before 15th or you’ll suffer.” He cut the call without waiting for my response. This is it! I can’t give in! No matter what happens, I am not giving him anything.

Eleven PM at night, I was busy reading ‘The Godfather’. I sprang up when my phone rang as I was completely involved in reading. It’s him again. I picked the phone up anxiously.

I guess you didn’t take my orders seriously. There won’t be any second warning. If you don’t deliver, I’m taking you down. Boffin doesn’t take no for an answer.” He was furious. 

I neither had money nor the package. I’ll see what he can do, there’s no other option left other than fighting back. I waited for his call the next evening. There wasn’t any call. I was nervous. The street was deserted. I walked home, looking at the call logs to check if I had missed any calls from him. I didn’t miss any. A few steps later, I could see a person standing under the street light. It was the only street light that worked. His face wasn’t visible and he looked like a shadow standing.

He walked towards me as I advanced further. I knew it was him. 

Now’s the time! I’m not backing off! I thought and ran towards him, so did he. We now stood facing each other. He smiled at me and said, “Give me a teddy bear. The one that you have.”

“Screw you!” I said, wrapping my arm around him as we walked inside my house, “You have a postpaid connection, yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to screw me with phone calls.”


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