Gulping down the water quickly, I stared at the Biryani in delight. The almonds scattered in the Basmati rice shined like gems scattered in sand. Not wasting another second, I finished my share and ordered for more. 

“You eat too much for a thin guy like you. Why don’t you gain any weight!!” My friend exclaimed.

The Biryani arrived a few minutes later and I was at it again. Something fell into my left eye and I could feel something under the eyelid. We finished our dinner and reached our respective houses by evening. Soon as I walked in, I looked at the calendar to see what day it was (happens often). I could sense that something was wrong with my eyesight. I walked further to the dressing table and looked at myself. To my surprise, my eyesight wasn’t clear when I looked only with the left eye.

The doctor’s appointment was fixed at six, exactly an hour after I got home. The clinic was at a walkable distance, so I walked over to the clinic to see the doctor. He was an old man in his late sixties. It’s been years since I’ve seen an ophthalmologist this close. He greeted me with a smile and chatted with me like he’s known me for years. He tested me with different types of glasses and said, “Myopia, 0.25

God! No. Not again!!

My mind rolled back to when I was six. That’s when I put on the glasses for the first time and threw them because I was pissed (the glasses left a mark on my nose which didn’t disappear for years!) When I was 15.  Doctor advised me to use glasses again.

The glasses strike back!


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