Return of the poopie cat

Cats can be very annoying (are very annoying). Everytime I try to make friends with cats, all they do is come over and poop on my bed or clothes (or everywhere). But this particular cat had pissed me off way too bad. This is the tale of the ‘Poop cat’. I named her myself.

It was a rainy night and all of us were busy doing regular work. Dad was watching the TV as usual and mum was busy with her household work. Yeah, I was busy texting people, like always. Every family has one animal lover, in our case, it’s my sister. There isn’t any animal she hates and she has extreme fondness for cute kitties.

Back to the rainy day, my sister opened the door to find three little kittens with their mother shivering at our door, waiting for a ‘hooman’ to offer shelter. We were the chosen ‘hoomans’. The first few days were blissful since the kittens were playful. Fifteen days later, their mother wandered off into the urban jungle and those ‘teeny tiny cutie pie’ kittens were left alone with us. Since that day, there isn’t a day we were left alone. You could always find those cats appearing out of nowhere, everywhere. There was fur all over my clothes, bed and where not!?

A month passed. My sister’s love for her kittens grew with each passing day and my hate knew no bounds. My notebooks were shattered, flip-flops pooped on and my clothes had new ‘claw’ designs on them. Another month later, two of the cats left us to find their purpose and fulfill their destiny (do cats have purposes and destinies?). Anyways, this poop cat’s destiny was to piss me off and watch me helplessly complain about it. There were days when it took me an hour to brush the fur off my pullovers. The cat-piss on my jeans stinked horribly. There was another side mission to this cat’s destiny, pissing my mother off.

One tiresome day, my mother had completed almost all her household work. There was only one thing left, washing the clothes. Mum was so tired after the work that she left the clothes in a bucket near the kitchen and sat down for a few minutes. It didn’t take more than a minute for the heroic cat to jump into the bucket and do what it does best, poop. By the time mum ran to ‘shoo’ the cat, the damage was done. Furious, mum called me and asked me to do something about this cat. Four o’clock in the evening, I made the necessary phone calls to get the job done. My cousin reached our house by 6 PM. We brainstormed for a while and came up with an ingenious solution. This might be it! We thought.

The next morning, we waited for the cat to wake up. It moved to the bowl of milk with precision and confidence. She had no idea what was in store for her. I went into the bedroom and brought the biggest bedsheet available in our house and my cousins responsibility was to lure the cat into the spread bedsheet. The cat was very playful and always liked playing with her fellow hoomans. This was our advantage.He spread his arms and called for it and in a matter of seconds, the cat was in the trap. We folded the bedsheet ASAP and ran out of the house. We walked to a place far far away so that the cat wouldn’t find it’s way back. The far far away place didn’t seem far away. Right when we decided to go further, we knew something was wrong. The bedsheet was heavier and the cat, motionless. The cat’s dead!? Ah the tension! She must’ve suffocated inside! We were terrified. We put the sheets down and spread it open. What followed then was a surprise. The poopie cat bounced up like a bouncy ball and ran away into the bushes.

At last we got rid of it!

The next week was a peaceful week, our lives were back to normal. Clothes without fur and shoes without claw marks. The following week was rainy. The quiet Friday evening felt somewhat delightful. Suddenly, there was a power outage in our locality and I opened the window for some air and light.

There was thunder and lightning and to my sheer horror, there stood, amidst all of it, the Poopie cat. Right in front of me..!


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  1. Christa chn says:

    I really love animals, but I don’t like their fur everywhere, I prefer them outside the house 🙂 this one made me laugh, beautiful little story.

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  2. kiwinana says:

    Smiles, love that story, now your have learnt, you can’t get rid of a cat that easy, you could have taken it a hundred miles away and it would still have returned. See it loves you.
    Find a cat litter box for it and train it how to use it
    Kind thought’s, I can see your face when you looked out the window and seen the cat.

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    1. I guess cats don’t learn. They prefer to teach 😂

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  3. Hey kitty kitty kitty!

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