I walked forward for a few seconds, unable to open my eyes in broad daylight  Gathering all my strength, I walked forward and leaned onto a wall nearby. The wall covered me from the sunlight and allowed me to open my eyes. I pushed myself forward using my left hand and staggered to the main road where the grocery stores were. Looking to my left, I started to cross the road.

It has been fifteen days since I’ve felt sunlight on my face. The sinusitis and fever had me pinned down to the bed. I could barely stand upright and the walk seemed impossible. 

This isn’t me. I was never this weak. I looked up into the sky and thought of how easily I used to cross the roads without much effort. Random honking on the road brought me to my senses.  Bought the necessary groceries and walked back home in the same staggering manner. Right when I entered my house, I remember that I have a blog and it’s been more than forty days since I’ve written anything. So here I am!

I missed my blog and missed you fellas more.

It feels good to be outside, finally.


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