Thoughts, like always.

People keep telling me “God watches over everything.”

Does he?

If there’s anything I’ve noticed in my absence from wordpress for these many days, is that we are hurt by the ones we love the most. Why do the people who always hurt turn out to be the ones we love?

Why’s it that we can’t move on from these scars?

What makes the people who ignored us come back to us and mock us again? Why does it feel so good to be vulnerable?

Why is it that we trust people so much? Why can’t we just move away from the people who take us for granted?

What would you do if you did bad things in your past and you’ve changed but people judge you based on your past?

I know I made my share of mistakes. Since when did humans become perfect? There’s no moving on from what we’ve done. There’s no karma. We humans are wretched things, we hurt each other now and wait for the hurt ones to apologize.

Sometimes,I wonder….

Will God ever forgive us for what we have done to each other?

Then I look around and realise, God left this place a long time ago.

(A quote from the movie Blood Diamond)


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  1. kiwinana says:

    Keep writing, there are good people around that don’t judge you.
    One day you will find what you need. Peace to you my friend.

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    1. Right now, I don’t see any good in anybody. Thanks for the encouragement

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      1. kiwinana says:

        That’s sad, keep writing it will help, life is a challenge, when I was eighteen, I ran away from home and started a new life for myself, my parents never came to my wedding, now I have my own family, been married fifty-seven years next Monday, I never see my brother or sisters, just move on, and start a new life.
        Your readers like you, just write about how you feel, we care about you.

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        1. That was a brave move 🙂
          I wish I could be that brave. Congratulations on your 57th anniversary, not many can do that. Thanks for everything.

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