Making notes.

It’s hard to figure out what we really love to do. Many people often ask others, “What’s your true love?”, Speakers question the audience, “What’s your passion?”. Most of us try to answer what comes to our mind, some of us tell them what we think we like as what our passion is which in reality isn’t. Few of them keep quiet and from those quiet few, are the people who really know what they want. I was once one of those audiences and my answer was simple, “I want to be rich.” There’s no deeper meaning to that, when I say I wanna be rich, I mean I wanna earn a lot of money. A substantial sum. Literature, old and new and the philosophers say that money can’t buy happiness. I always thought that it’s all crap. 

Can money really buy happiness?

I was never really close enough to know the answer. But then, something happened. I have a habit of making new habits and leaving them behind after a couple of days. One such habit I made a few days ago was note making. I wanted to note down everything I felt in a day, do it for a week, review it and change myself accordingly in the next week. This would be a cycle. I thought that I’d leave it incomplete anyway but something told me that I wouldn’t. That something turned out to be true.

In the first week, I noticed:

  • That I speak fast and that makes me stutter 
  • My style of speaking was profane
  • I talk too loud,
  • I speak too much 

The target was to get rid of at least two of the above mentioned qualities in the coming week, which I did. I stopped speaking foul words, I now speak in a low tone and am currently working on the ‘speaking too much’ part, which is kind of difficult for me to solve.

The next week, I wanted to write down the times I felt good and the things that made me feel nothing like anything else. I listed out everything that made me happy and to my amazement, they weren’t money. It was adventure. I was happier than ever when I went hiking, when I went out on morning walks, exploring places and especially when I was travelling. Of course, I needed money for everything but yeah, I now know that money isn’t everything.

All I have to do now is work hard and earn enough to do enough. (Sometimes,The world isn’t enough 😉 )


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  1. kiwinana says:

    Cheers! You are on the right track now, Keep going, money isn’t everything, you need peace of the mind and everything will follow.
    Happiness my friend, keep walking.
    Have a nice day.

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  2. I want to be rich, too! 🙂

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