New year, no resolutions.

Alcohol can do wonders, it can even make people ignore blunders. The new year’s eve is the day of celebrations all around the world. And what’s celebration without some Martini!? Or whiskey?! Well, whatever the poison is, this is the day most of the people prefer to go with the alcoholic flow and it also is the day other people have their drinks for the first time. What’s the next big thing people have in their minds besides alcohol? (I don’t mean everybody is an alcoholic)

New year resolutions..!!
The first thing people asked me immediately after wishing me was, “What’s your resolution this year?” I think for a second, nothing! two more seconds and I look blank faced. I’ve had new year resolutions before. Not a few but the list of my resolutions have been so big, I’d easily fill a complete notepad if I had to. This time, I asked myself, “what do you really want?” And I got the answer “No resolutions for this time.” One observation of mine is that, the people who ask you about your resolutions don’t give a crap about what they ask and are actually more interested to tell you there own. According to pyschology, ‘Never share anything you plan to do with anyone because you lose motivation by doing so.‘ True, that. Maybe that’s the reason why we never get anything done. What do we do instead of working on our resolutions? We party, we opt for booze and race our bikes out at midnight, yelling ‘Happy New Year’ to everyone that comes in our way. The people who’re drunk yell back at you but it grosses out others. Drinking is okay but making and being a nuisance is not.

We stand in lines and wait for hours to get some wine but whine about standing in queues in the banks. There are hardly any people who really work on their resolutions (no, I’m not one of them) and all I can say is that it’s stupid to make a resolution when we can’t keep up with it.

I hope all your resolutions are fulfilled this year. 

Happy new year, my fellow bloggers. May this year bring home happiness and wealth!


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  1. I agree, Happy New Year ✨💫✨

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    1. A happy new year to you too!!! 🙂

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  2. sandeept252 says:

    I have experienced that “Don’t share what you plan to do” and it’s so true 🙂
    Anyways, Happy 2017!

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  3. Happy new year 🙂

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    1. Happy new year to you too! 🙂

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  4. Grace Anne says:

    Happy New Year!! And cheers to resolutions free year!!🍷🍷😋😋

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