When fate hits you.

1989: Sanjay stepped out of the Ambassador car and walked into the newly built set where they were about to shoot the action scene which he thought would be the main attraction in his movie. He was excited, proud and confident that he’d make a good movie. He even made plans to produce another movie if this movie becomes a blockbuster.The lead actor was a fine man, he thought.

“Get lost, I haven’t got a penny to give you beggars, go earn something for yourself!” He yelled at an old man who begged him for some money. “Phoney old schmuck.” He thought.

He got into the car and raced to his house. The lawyer and some clients were waiting for him. He was about to sell his properties and invest in the movie. The director was very demanding, he had unusual requests and expensive ideas make the movie according to his tastes. He shot in deserts, hill stations and where not!? Varma was pissed but he could do nothing. He had no say in this, except the money. This was his first venture. He sold all his properties and invested in the film, this was the big deal.

2011: Kumar crawled on the muddy road to get to the stale food which he found near the pavement. He could barely move but he hasn’t eaten anything in days. He needed this stale to keep him alive. Ravi’s clothes were torn, he was covered in filth. His hair was brown with mud and fleas, he sang his heart out and often talked to himself all day. He reminisced old memories. Memories of his family, his son and grandkids. His eyes were flooded with tears when he recalled his memory about how he was pushed out of his house by his own people for being a tyrant.

He sat upright and then looked around to see the poster of an old movie covered in crap. It read, ‘When fate hits you hard’, a movie by SANJAY KUMAR.


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