Stupid thoughts.

Waking up early has always been easy for me, thanks to my dad. I have this habit ever since I can remember. People tell me it’s an unnecessary and stupid habit to wake up before sunrise but what do I do? Even I want to sleep until 11 AM. You know what’s the hardest thing to do? Waking up early when you have an exam. That is the day I wake up late even though I have an alarm triggered.
Exams make me feel lethargic. I am the laziest during this time and it gets worse if my exam doesn’t go well. Last night, I wanted to do a blog post but couldn’t because I had so much portion to complete. I hate these things. Who doesn’t? Not writing regularly has me depressed and what depresses me even more is that I’m unable to do anything about it. Surprisingly, I miss not having an exam on normal days.

My point is, why do we miss something that we hate when we have it?


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  1. juggernautpanda says:

    Ah, early mornings are awesome. I miss them these days due to my work timing.

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  2. Grace Anne says:

    Haha! Probably coz we get used to those hateful habits and then even when we hate them we miss them. Creature of habit!! 😂

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    1. Ahh! The expert speaks!😂

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