A need for change.

People who say “women shouldn’t dress half naked” or “It’s the inappropriate dressing that lands women in trouble” are the ones who stare at them more than anyone else. How do you know what a woman is wearing without even looking at her? You only know how inappropriate her dress is when you stare at her ‘inappropriate places’. 

M.K.Gandhi says,

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Unless we change our mindset and way of thinking, women aren’t safe. I’ve seen people who teased women who dressed traditionally and in a hijab. So what’s wrong with us? Why are we like this?

  • Male domination: For centuries, ours has been a male dominated society. Women have been oppressed and confined to the kitchen. Even though this has changed, some people still prefer to hang on to it.
  • Unsafe society: yes, even this ever so modern society isn’t safe for women to go out alone. There are some men who’re like sex fiends and do anything to get their hands on a woman. There have been many instances where women are groped in buses, malls and cinema halls. It’s worse when women go out at nights alone. Even though the policing is good, it just isn’t enough to change the people. Parents are scared to send their daughters out because of this.
  • Education: Even though we are taught that women aren’t any less and can do everything, something is missing. The problem is, we are told how to respect women, not shown.
  • The movies: Just look at our movies. It’s the same all the time, be it folklore, action, drama or a comedy. The protagonist goes after a woman, stalks her, teases her, touches her even though she hates it and magically makes her fall in love with him. F*** logic!
  • Women: The older generation women have gotten used to this ‘he is a man, he can do anything’ statement and want their daughters to be under control. Instead of encouraging them to be independent, they try to warn them and even stop them from going out in the evenings. Why don’t you make your daughter strong instead of telling her she’s weak?

There are numerous reasons for the constant oppression of women and their rights. But one thing can’t be denied,

If men don’t change, so don’t women.


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  1. People are hypocrites. I’ve seen men like that, so I know men have to change.

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  2. Grace Anne says:

    Funny how no one sees the requirement for a change of thought in men rather than only focusing on band aid measures of already damaged. Good post.

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