I tossed the bottle aside and sat down looking at my friends blabbering about food. It was a beautiful evening with a cool breeze and we had an amazing view of sunset. The beauty of countryside is always refreshing, making us forget the hassles of city life. This one time, I wanted to forget about everything in my life and enjoy the view. I’d be leaving early in the morning. I hoped the night would never end.

Laying down on the grass felt more comfortable than the bed I sleep in everyday. Everybody was laughing and joking about each other while I was lost in thoughts. I had a rough year, I lost some friends and everybody I met hated me. Opening my eyes introduced me to millions of stars that looked like diamonds studded on a velvet cloth. There’s never any feeling that can be as pleasant was watching the starry sky. I suddenly felt that everything is alright and I had nothing to worry about. All my childhood memories were recalled. I was completely lost. That was even the first time I have seen a shooting star but never believed in wishes coming true. I didn’t blink for a while as all the memories were replayed in my mind’s theatre. It was like a pain killer, the starry view. You forget everything for sometime.

“Wake up! We gotta go!” My friend woke me up, shaking me fiercely. I jumped up and looked around to see the hills and rocks for one last time before leaving. We went on a long bike ride to escape the everyday routine and stopped by a dhaba (hotel) to have some food. This was one of the best rides I’ve had in recent times. I looked at the stars while my friend drove me back to the city. I didn’t utter a word, lost in the stars. All I did was stare at the sky all along. 

There were farms everywhere and cattle, I could smell the petrichor. I saw people who listened to other people before judging them. Nothing beats the countryside, be it the people or beauty. Countryside is the best.

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